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In line with His Majesty Mohammed VI’s orientations, Dar Essalam Gardens covers the four major aspects of integrative sustainability. Through its social, economic, educational and environmental footprint, the area aims to become a global landmark for ecotourism and sustainable living by meeting the highest environmental standards.

Dar Es Salam Gardens Resort is in SOUISSI, a wealthy neighborhood of Rabat, with plenty of abundant houses, and near the world’s largest cork oak forest.


La Vallée Resort is a real estate program including land plots, luxury villas and the transformation of AL OTEIBA Palace in a luxury Boutique Hotel & SPA.

The AL OTEIBA Palace is the heart of the resort. The finest Moroccan Handcraftsmen have worked 11 years to complete this 6000 sqm andalusian style palace. It was built in the 90’s for the former oil minister of UAE, Sheikh « Al OTEIBA »

114 Deluxe Villas over 800 m² each, including 16 Brandées

Located in the circular area East of the future hotel, at the edge of the slope, 16 Villas of 900 m² each, are intended to be sold to private individuals with branding and hotel maintenance